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gwynblog's Journal

Marketing Tips For Actors From A Career Coach

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Gwyn Gilliss is the Executive Director of TAM, The Actor's Market (http://www.theactorsmarket.com) a marketing firm for actors. They provide every marketing tool an actor needs - HEADSHOTS, RESUMES, BIOS, DEMO REELS, CAREER COACHING, MARATHON SEMINARS to met the INDUSTRY-AGENTS & CASTING DIRECTORS - as well as FREE monthly seminars, FREE weekly marketing tips and access to top photographers, graphic artists and videographers to create great demo reels (sizzle reels). There are Training courses via teleseminars, downloadable Podcasts and Home study courses with DVD's and the ACTOR'S MASTERMIND a bi-monthly FREE teleseminar for all actors globally. (check for more products and services at The TAM Store) . Gwyn's acting career spans several decades during which time she appeared on and off-B'way, in classical roles in American Repertory companies, in over 18 contract and recurring roles in Daytime/Primetime TV, Films and dozens of network commercials/V.O.'s. As a Career Coach she is available to work One-on-One with actors at all levels.